About This Site

In an effort to improve communication and participation of the FDU Lacrosse Alumni, this online community has been developed for the alumni and is administered by the alumni.

The simple fact is that university administrators, staff members, athletes and student assistants all come and go. We appreciate their service while they are in place but with each change we lose momentum as well as information. The only way to build consistency is to take control of this task ourselves. This website will serve as the information portal and community for any FDU Lacrosse Alumni who wishes to participate. The site was built and is administered by Anthony P. Zarro ’89, with the guidance of Coach Pat Scarpello, Associate Athletic Director Jenn Noon, and some fellow alumni.

Our goal is to first develop this community to keep us all informed. We will eventually begin selling apparel, raising small amounts of money for the program, and building our our Athlete Mentor Program.

We would like to encourage you to register and participate. If you have any questions or if you would like to help out, please feel free to reach out to me at anthony.zarro@gmail.com.

Thank you!